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CALVET has been  settled in Béziers  since more than 40 years!

"Le temps est un grand maître, il règle bien des choses." – Pierre Corneille.(Time is the Master who solves a lot)

Our team is young , involved with the latest technics and technology , dynamic  in the present and in the future of this bespoke office!

"Vivre, c'est changer du temps en expérience." – Caleb Gattegno. (to live is to transform time into experience)

Because the estate market is constantly moving ,we have an everyday passion for work , an everyday passion for our clients which means for you, Action and Result.

CALVET  is commited to:

  • Listen to your project, understand your aim, deal for you.
  • You will feel secure and confident with our experts.
  • We will deal with  the Administation papers for you.
  • Calvet has a high quality portfolio of properties.
  • Our prices are transparent
  • We arrange bespoke finance
  • We arrange bespoke advertising.
  • We defend your purchasing power.
  • Satisfaction guarantee  (or see our contract of rewarding )
  • Calvet guarantee to re  - sell ,(see our contract Zen Immo).

WELCOME we are the right one for you !

Laurent Jeannin.

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  • Agence Calvet
  • 38, AlléesPaul Riquet 34500 BEZIERS
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